What we have identified is the need to originate a network of fuel retailers for innovative investors looking to tap into an existing brand, with all the benefits of a franchising model.

The ultimate vision is to develop a convenient, reliable and efficient network of fuel retailers differentiated by the never-dry promise.

Consistent fuel supplies and personal attention to detail are designed to elevate the consumer experience, creating a win-win scenario for Franchisees and customers of TopUp.

Our company representatives develop close relationships with our Franchisees to ensure that all logistical, marketing, staff and retail matters are addressed for the best outcomes.

We are committed to driving a competitive, friendly and dynamic service throughout the supply chain, so that ultimately customers always benefit.

Our Track Record

At the heart of all business transactions is an ethos of good corporate citizenship,
and honest, ethical, and relationship-driven business.

It is the family’s passion for people
that have been fundamental to business growth
through long-lasting relationships
forged over five decades.

Mother Company Established
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TopUp Brand Established

In 2010 the first TopUp service stations were established under the stewardship of the family’s third generation, primarily focused in the Eastern and Western Cape. The first of these included Citrusdal, Riebeeck Kasteel, Robertson, Somerset East and Despatch.