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TopUp expands fuel tanker fleet

TopUp’s new Bulk Fuel Tanker

In continuing to offer our clients and service stations quicker, more reliable service, TopUp has embarked on expanding our own fleet of fuel tankers in the Western Cape. This will not only improve service levels but will ultimately keep our transport costs as low as possible, keeping with our slogan, “GOOD […]

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TopUp is phasing out LRP petrol

All South African fuel stations, including TopUp, are phasing out LEAD REPLACEMENT PETROL (LRP).

LRP is only used in vehicles manufactured before 1996 and the demand for this fuel type is declining. One of the biggest advantages of using UNLEADED PETROL (ULP) is that it’s a much cleaner type of fuel which means that it’s better […]

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How to pack your car boot efficiently

Planning to hit the road this school holiday? Here are some tips on how to pack your car’s boot and make the most out of the available space.

Start with a clean slate
If your car boot is packed poorly, you’re wasting space. An unorganized boot also makes it difficult for you to find things, which can […]

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A ride to the good old days

You’ll enjoy the good old days all over again. Looking back, it was the best of times. It’s hard to believe that we have lived as long as we have.  Do you also remember the good old days like this?

As children, we would ride in cars with no seatbelts or bags. Riding in the back […]

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2017 is off to a Flying Start

The year is off to a flying start.

With the budget speech and the financial year-end already behind us, we can look forward to an exciting year.

It is a privilege for me to be part of the Ekström group since June last year and although it has been a challenging few months, I would like to […]

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Business through the eyes of the BEYONDER

Within BEYONDNESS lies the fundamental value of discovering who you are and who you can become, the potential it holds through the power of thinking and in living this lifestyle.

It is the realization that we serve a bigger purpose as we have been crafted, knitted together and created not to be ordinary but to be […]

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Gas or Electric? Choose your next stove wisely

As with any investment you make in your home, choosing a new stove involves weighing both the upfront purchase cost and the long-term operating cost. Gas stoves tend to carry a little higher price tag than an electric stove. Operating costs, however, are often the deciding factor for many. In most countries, gas costs less […]

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Heidelberg Depot

Die Heidelberg Skou was hierdie jaar besiger as vorige jare en ons het ’n heerlike tyd in die Engen Hut saam met al ons kliënte gehad. Die perde was besonders mooi hierdie jaar en die hondeskou is baie goed ondersteun. Die Jersey Jeugskou was ’n treffer onder die kinders – ’n definitiewe hoogtepunt. Die Heidelberg […]

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Primagas Logistics

We all know that time does not stand still. It is unbelievable that we are already in the third month of 2017. May it be a great year for all.

Towards the end of last year, one of our existing vehicles were replaced, so the fleet once again has 6 vehicles and waiting in great anticipation […]

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Southcape Petroleum se jaarlikse gholfdag en die Heidelberg & Riversdal Skoue

Die jaar hardloop met ’n spoed en ons trek alreeds amper in April.
Die reën bly op die oomblik weg, maar dit het ons kans gegee om ons jaarlikse gholfdag op Heidelberg met groot sukses aan te bied. Ons het n lekker veld spelers gehad en die manne het hard gewerk om elkeen ’n gedeelte van […]

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